TESDA: Kaalamang Dagliang Napapakinabangan

TESDA Deploys 2nd Batch of Trainings for 2015

​TESDA in partnership with Rep. Linabelle Villarica, has launched new training courses in the 4th District, which started in Obando with 25 trainees last July 20, 2015 with Obando Mayor Edwin Santos sponsoring toolkits for the trainees. The 10-day training courses and corresponding slots are Dressmaking NCII (for 100: 25 each for Marilao, Meycauayan, Obando and Sta. Maria); Haircutting Services (Leading To Hairdressing NC II) (for 25 in Sta. Maria); Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC I (for 41: 20 for Meycauayan, 21 for Obando). Interested residents aged 18 years old and above are qualified for the free TESDA scholarship program of the District.

TESDA graduated 242 trainees of the District last April 2015 who acquired skills to: 1) Maintain and Repair Electronically controlled Domestic Appliances (leading to CES NC II); 2) Install Wiring Devises / Lighting Systems (leading to EIM NC II); 3) Test and Repair Wiring / Lighting Systems (leading to Auto Serv NC I): 4)Troubleshoot and repair transport aircon sys (leading to Transport RAC Serv NC II); 5) Perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding NC I; 6) Service Engine Mechanical Components (leading to Auto Serv NC II); 7) Service Auto Electrical  (leading to Auto Serv NC II) and; 8) Perform Underchasis Preventive Maintenance (leading to Auto Service NC I)